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We have created the ultimate in wash rack solids handling. The new ESD Waste2Water, Inc. Solids Management System, or SMS, eliminates traditional, often large, Drive-in Pits or Multiple in ground sump pit systems. Our new Solids Management System has the capability of processing 80 gallons per minute to a pressure washer, while removing heavy solids in a quality closed loop and recycled wash water system. It alleviates the time consuming handling of sludge and solids out of in-ground pits, while producing a quality of recycled wash water never seen before.

The Process Is Simple:

The Wash Rack Operator begins to wash a piece of equipment. While cleaning the heavy solids off of rubberized tired equipment, tracked equipment, undercarriages, buckets, etc., larger heavy solidsWash_Rack or rocks are left on the pad for easy removal. Water and sludge flow into a small sump area so a submersible sump pump can lift the sludge thru a static mixer. The water, sludge and heavy solids enter into a mixing tank allowing larger particles to coagulate and settle into a cone shaped tank. The water continues into an Inclined Plate Clarifier, further allowing the sludge to separate, while the water flows into either a Water Cannon Clarifier or Biological Treatment System.

In-Ground_Sump_PumpThe coagulated solids are then dispensed daily into an above ground solids hopper. Once filled, the Solids Hopper can either be dumped into a bucket of a frontend loader or moved and dumped via a forklift. The remaining grey water can either then pass thru a high volume wash system water cannon, 80 gallons a minute at 50 psi, or continue to be processed thru a Biological Wash Water Treatment System. The biological system provides oxygen to fixed film bacteria to rapidly degrade organic contaminants like oil, grease, gasoline, diesel fuel, herbicides and pesticides. This creates a clear “grey water” that can then be recycle back through a pressure washer.

The Benefits of the ESD Waste2Water, Inc. SMS Package are too significant to ignore. But, here are just 5 of the benefits.

  • Solids handling. Instead of the messy process of cleaning in-ground sumps or having to remove soupy solids from a drive in pit, the sludge is above ground where it can be dumped into a frontend loader or skid steer bucket.
  • The Cost per gallon of water is impressive. Consider the idea of processing millions of gallons of water per year in a full close looped water recycling system. Your dollar will stretch with our environmentally friendly system.
  • Reduced infrastructure, the below ground impact is minimal and the ESD Waste2Water, Inc. SMS Package, eliminates the possibility of leaking sumps, which could potentially create an expensive environmental clean-up.
  • Our system produces high quality grey water.
  • A small Equipment Footprint. Because space is a commodity.

For these reasons and many more, allow a trained ESD Waste2Water, Inc. professional to design the system to fit your needs.

No matter your application, ESD Waste2Water Inc. can design, build and maintain a system that is sure to save you money, headache and time. Contact us for a consultation on how we can install an SMS Package at your business.

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