Industrial Biological Recycle System

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ESD’s US Patent No. 6,303,025) Waste2Water line of submerged, fixed-film biological treatment systems has been proven to rapidly degrade organic contaminants (oil, grease, gasoline, diesel fuel, herbicides and pesticides).

The Waste2Water systems are commonly used as stand-alone totally closed-loop wash water recycling systems.

Other common applications include pretreatment to discharge and enhanced natural attenuation at contaminated sites.

Systems can be customized to meet specific site conditions.

Closed Loop Recycle System

ESD’s biological wash water recycling system is designed to decontaminate waste water from the washing of industrial equipment or parts. This environmentally friendly wash water recycle system employes a biological remediation process that uses biological agents to remove or neutralize contaminants from polluted soil or water. ESD’s line of wash water recycle systems are versatile and low maintenance and are extremely effective for all waste water recycling applications.

Biological Washwater Treatment Applications:

  • Golf and Turf Industries
  • Equipment Rental Yards
  • Municipal, Industrial and Rental Fleets
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Aggregates
  • Trucking
  • Food Processing
  • Groundwater and Soil Remediation
  • Oil and Gas Industries
  • Agricultural Equipment

Equipment Wash Rack, Heavy Equipment Washing & Vehicle Washing

ESD Waste2Water, Inc can custom design, Equipment Wash Rack, Heavy Equipment Washing and Vehicle Washing areas, then manufacture install and service water treatment and wastewater recycling for virtually any industrial or commercial wash operation.

ESD’s equipment wash rack solutions offer wash water recycling equipment for a number of industrial and commercial operations including equipment rentals, heavy equipment dealers, municipal fleet operations, solid waste haulers and more.

ESD equipment washing stations include high pressure hose systems that effectively removes dirt, mud and other debris from vehicles and equipment. In addition, to providing effective cleaning, ESD has equipment to create a complete water recycling system.

Equipment wash pads & wash racks are used to separate and capture solid waste and contaminated wash water. The water then goes through a biological wash water recycling system that removes organic contaminants from the wash water using bioremediation. Bioremediation uses biological processes to remove organic contaminants like oil from wash water. This clean wash water is then filtered back through the hoses for equipment washing.

ESD offers a specialized line called EWS. EWS is line of self-contained Equipment Wash Station Equipment and Wash Bays perfect for washing small equipment.

ESD engineers and designers will assist you in creating a system that meets the equipment washing needs of your site. Our team will install and complete on-site training to ensure that you and your staff can easily us any of our equipment cleaning products.

Equipment Wash Rack and Vehicle Washing Applications

  • Equipment Rental Yards
  • Heavy Equipment Dealers
  • Municipal Fleet Operations
  • Equipment Dealers
  • Solid Waste Haulers
  • Agricultural Equipment Dealers
  • Military Fleet Operations
  • Construction Companies
  • Trucking Operations

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