Earth Day is April 22nd, 2016.  At ESD Waste2Water, Inc., our philosophy has always been to manufacture innovative, sustainable Environmental Wash Water and Remediation Equipment to protect Earth’s natural resources.  It begins with awareness and can then lead to action – It’s as simple as fixing a leaking faucet or planting a tree.  The following link is a resource to locate a local organization to volunteer:   – do your part for Earth.

ESD Waste2Water, Inc. builds Above Ground Portable Wash Pads for a myriad of industries. We can review your business process and procedures to maximize your throughput and then engineer an Above Ground Wash Pad System to meet your needs.

Pictured is an ESD Waste2Water, Inc Custom Above Ground Wash Pad that includes:

– 8’ Tall Walls
– Sliding See Thru Curtain
– Grass Clipping Separator with Cart and Solids Separator
– ESD Biological Wash Water Recycle System

This pad is designed for landscaping businesses, lawn mower rental companies, industrial manufacturers and repair facilities for lawn care and equipment.

No matter your industry, if you are generating a wash water waste stream, ESD Waste2Water, Inc can design a wash water treatment system to help meet EPA regulations. Contact us today!