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Powerful Water Cannons
ESD Waste2Water, Inc. offers powerful water cannons that flush heavy mud and debris off of off-road equipment. The water cannons are designed to recycle the water from a mud pit Water Cannon Pressure Washer for reuse in zero-discharge applications.

Water cannons are often used in conjunction with pressure washers that use recycled water from Waste2Water Biological Treatment Systems for complete closed-loop wash areas.

Water cannons can be retrofitted to existing wash areas, or designed into new wash areas. Call ESD for customized solutions.


Utility Requirements
240 volt, 1 ph, 50 amps

Water Output
80 GPM @ 50 PSI


Water Cannon

A- Heavy Mud Pit
For heavy mud applications an efficient and effective mud pit is required to settle the mud and to provide a reservoir for the Water Cannon to draw from. ESD will design an appropriate mud pit for your application.

B- Debris Weir
A debris weir is provided to keep floating debris from entering the powerful stream of the water cannon.

C- Check Valve
A check valve is installed to help maintain the prime of the water cannon pump.

D- Skid-Mounted System
The Water Cannon is contained on a marine-grade aluminum skid with forklift holes – for long life and easy placement.

E- Powerful Pump
A powerful 20 hp pump provides up to 50 gpm at 80 psi for blasting mud off of equipment.

F- Control Panel
The Nema-4 control panel is UL listed and can be mounted on the water cannon skid, or the control panel can be mounted in a remote location.

G- Hose Hanger
A sturdy marine-grade aluminum hose hanger is contained on the skid. For applications where the water cannon located in an equipment room, the hose hanger(s) can be mounted remotely.

H- Hose and Nozzle
Each Water Cannon comes with a durable 1-1/2″ fire hose with an adjustable nozzle for flushing or blasting.

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