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Chemical Containment & Recovery Systems

The Chemical Mix, Containment and Recovery System by ESD allows you to transform your chemical area so that you can safely and effectively mix and load your turf care chemicals in a single contained area.

In the event of a chemical spill, the chemical solution will be contained in the Chemical Sump and can be recovered with the Chemical Recovery Tank for reuse or proper disposal.

The Chemical Sink drains to the Chemical Sump as well, to complete the containment process.

All products are constructed of marine grade aluminum for maximum durability and chemical resistance.


Chemical Recovery Tank
Approximate Dimensions
35″L x 46 1/2″W x 55″ H
Tank Capacity

148 gallons






Utility Requirements

279 gal.

419 gal.

558 gal.

698 gal.

Chemical Sump
Approximate Dimensions
30 1/2″L x 30 1/2″W x 26″ H
Cover Screen
20 gauge perforated Stainless Steel
Chemical Sink
Approximate Dimensions
78 3/16″ L x 25 1/16″ W x 51″ H
Utility Requirements
3/4″ fresh or irrigation water
Chemical FIll Hose & Hanger
Hose Specification
1 1/2″ diameter, 25′ long
Utility Requirements
1 1/2″ fresh or irrigation water


A- Chemical Containment Sump
Potential chemical spills are captured by the Chemical Containment Sump. The sump has a perforated stainless steel cover to strain out unwanted debris such as twigs, leaves and pebbles. The V-bottom of the sump allows for nearly 100% evacuation, and recapture, of liquids from the sump.

B- Air-Actuated Pump
Located on the Chemical Recovery Tank is an Air-Actuated Pump. When activated by manually turning on the air control valve, the pump will draw solution from the Chemical Containment Sump. The pump is constructed of polypropylene with a Viton diaphragm for maximum chemical resistance and longevity. The pump may also be run dry for periods of time without sustaining damage.

C- Filter
The air pump suctions the liquid through a reusable 100 micron poly bag filter to remove fine particulates from the waste stream. The filtration allows the liquid to be pumped into the spray rig for proper disposal without clogging the chemical sprayer’s nozzles. The filter can also prepare a chemical spill for recovery and reuse.

D- Chemical Recovery Tank
The filtered chemical solution can be pumped to the inside of the 148 gallon Chemical Recovery Tank for storage. Alternatively, with the twist of a valve, the solution can be directed to the hose on the front of the tank, and can be pumped into a spray rig, spray tank, or chemical container.

E- Chemical Sink
The 4 foot long counter of the ESD Chemical Sink makes it a handy tool for handling and premixing chemicals. The goose-neck faucet allows for a 5-gallon bucket to be placed and filled directly in the sink. Any drainage from the sink flows to, and is captured in, the Chemical Containment Sump for appropriate handling and disposal.

F- Chemical Storage Building
Chemicals should be stored directly adjacent to the chemical mix/load area in an appropriately marked storage facility. An adjacent structure allows for complete containment from storage to use. A variety of sizes of Chemical Storage Buildings are available from ESD Waste2Water, Inc. Detailed specification sheets are available upon request.

G- Emergency Eye Wash/Shower Station
No chemical area is complete without an Emergency Eye Wash / Shower Station. These are also available through ESD.

H- Fill Hose & Hose Hanger
A 1 1/2″ Fill Hose is recommended for rapid filling of spray rigs. ESD supplies both the Fill Hose and the Hose Hanger.

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