Grass Clipping Separator

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The Clipping Separator System is designed to help create tidy wash areas by effectively handling grass clippings, sand and other small debris from normal turf care wash operations.

The System is also designed for pretreatment for either:

Waste2Water wash water recycle systems, or Discharging wash water to the sanitary sewer

The Clipping Separator can be used for 9, 18, 27 or 36-hole golf courses, and can handle up to 6 wash stations. The system includes pre-engineered in-ground sumps, and above-ground components that make handling grass clippings simple, easy and effective.

Equipment washing for golf course properties

Cleaning turf care and mowing equipment after each use is becoming a common practice for golf facilities. The ESD grass clipping and debris separator, paired with a complete environmental wash station, removes grass clippings and debris from the decks, reels, wheels and carriage of the mowers and economically recycles wash water. ESD’s golf course wash pad can also safely remove petroleum products and harmful chemicals from golf course equipment. Golf course turf care and mowing equipment is expected to operate with a high level of precision. Proper cleaning after each use helps to maintain high performance standards.

ESD’s well-designed and environmentally friendly equipment washing areas can perform many valuable functions including:

  • Minimizing environmental impacts
  • Limiting facility liability by complying with applicable laws
  • Recycling waste water to lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Maintaining equipment performance
  • Improving worker health and safety

Flow Range
0-50 GPM

Daily Throughput

Clipping Separation
432 sq. in. Wedge Wire

Power Requirement
115 Volt 20 AMP

Components Included
Round Sump, Submersible Pump, Clipping Separator, Shallow Sump, Solids Separator, Clipping Cart

Approximate Weight
250 lbs

Grass Clipping and Debris Separator

A- Round Sump
Wash water flows into a pre-engineered ESD Round Sump. Water, grass clippings and sand are swooshed around into a slurry. A powerful pump then pushes the slurry to the Clipping Separator.

B- Clipping Separator
The wash water slurry flows over the fine mesh clipping screen where grass and other solids slide down the clipping screen and into the Clipping Cart. At the same time, water drops through the clipping screen and into the Solids Separator.

C- Clipping Cart
The clipping cart captures grass clippings, sand particulates and other solids. The solids are de-watered as they drip-dry in the Clipping Cart. The water drains into a Shallow Sump below the Clipping Cart. Once de watered, the grass clippings are removed and disposed of appropriately.

D- Shallow Sump
Below the Clipping Cart a Shallow Sump collects excess water where it is drained back to the Round Sump.

E- Solids Separator
Wash water from the Clipping Separator flows through a series of baffles and then gravity feeds into the Biological Treatment System, or to the sanitary sewer (as per local requirements). Fine solids settle, and are drained on a regular basis, through valves in the bottom of the Solids Separator. The solids are then deposited into the Clipping Cart for disposal.

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