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ESD’s DW500 dewatering aerator is designed and constructed to efficiently remove hydrocarbons at flow rates up to 500 GPM and removal up 10,000 PPB.

When operated within parameters the DW500 will remove hydrocarbons to FDEP discharge criteria making it ideal for dewatering sites.

Equipped with a unique inlet settling tank, solids are removed before the treatment area and the design of the air delivery tubes allows for easy maintenance.

Units are available for rental or purchase.

Trailer Mounted Dewatering Equipment

Site dewatering involves the removal or draining of water from a remediation site, construction site, excavation site or contaminated site by pumping and safely discharging the water. ESD provides dewatering pumps, biological treatment systems and portable dewatering trailers and equipment for any water treatment application. We specialize in providing custom and turnkey engineered dewatering trailers with reliable operation and ease of control that can service multiple locations. Our goal is to assist clients whose own wastewater treatment facilities require on-site processing for temporary dewatering services. Whether your dewatering needs are temporary or long-term, our trailer mounted dewatering systems and equipment offer space savings and portable flexibility which is ideal for any municipal or industrial water treatment project.


  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • 4 each high efficiency rotary lobe blowers and motors
  • 4 each leveling jacks with stabilization pads
  • High level switch
  • Heavy duty suspension
  • NEMA IV control panel with high level shutdown and blower start up timers

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