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The Chemical Containment & Recovery Pads by ESD provide an extremely versatile way to create an instant chemical mix and load area in almost any location.

The pads can be set up on virtually any flat and level surface. In the event of a chemical spill during the mixing and loading process, the chemical solution will be contained in the pad’s large reservoir.

Once contained, the spill can be filtered and recovered with the help of a powerful air-actuated pump and a 100 micron reusable filter.

Recovered solution can be directed to a spray rig, or to an appropriate chemical container for reuse or proper disposal.

The Chemical Containment and Recovery Pads are constructed of marine-grade aluminum for maximum durability and chemical.

For maximum versatility, Chemical Containment and Recovery Pads can be used:

  • Inside
  • Outside
  • Above Ground
  • Embedded in Cement

Approximate Dimensions / Holding Capacity

  • Above Ground
    • 10’W x 12’L x 8″H / 380 gallons
  • Above Ground
    • 12’W x 16’L x 1’H / 1,048 gallons
  • Cement Embed
    • 12’W x 16’L x 1’H / 1,048 gallons
  • Filtration
    • 100 Microns
  • Utility Requirement
    • 20-100 psi compressed air for air powered diaphragm pump
  • Approach Ramps
    • (2) Included with Above Ground Pads

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