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ESD Waste2Water prepares to ship another fully integrated, environmental remediation system inside a 30’ Cargo Container to a major oil company’s site in Mexico.  This Dual Phase Product Recovery System is equipped with: Air Supply Compressor; (8) Point Air Supply Manifold; (8) Dual Phase Recovery Manifold; Recovery Pumps; Oil Water Separator, Transfer Tanks, 3 Liquid Phase Carbon Treatment Vessels.

ESD Waste2Water is a Worldwide Leader in designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing sustainable Wash-Water Treatment/Recycle Systems and Environmental Remediation Systems.  ESD offers a full line of skid, trailer and container mounted remediation systems for product recovery and treating soils, sediments, groundwater and surface water.  ESD’s innovative wash-water treatment, recycling, and re-use systems (0 point discharge), offer a variety of options and system designs for light, medium and heavy duty wash water and industrial process water treatment applications (Golf Courses, Marinas, Equipment Rental, Industrial/Manufacturing Plants, Fleet Management, Transportation, Parts Washing, etc.).  ESD can design a portable Above Ground Wash Pad or Permanent Concrete Slab to process heavy solid applications to recycle the wash water back to either a pressure washer and/or high volume pump system.  ESD is committed to fostering a Partnership for a Cleaner Tomorrow through Water Conservation and Waste Minimization.

When the subject of Wash Water Recycling comes up there are many questions that can arise. The following are a few that are frequently asked are:

– Will it have an odor?
– What will its’ clarity be?
– How much is recycled?

The above questions seem very basic but can at times create a complex response because of the specific application. Let’s explore each question independently.

Question: Will it have an odor?
Response: The wash water being processed through the GSMS or HSMS Series has no odor because of the micro bubble transfusion taking place inside of the Biological Tank. The transfer of oxygen to the aerobic microbes helps assure the environment stays above 12 mg/L of Dissolved Oxygen so the aerobic microbes can breakdown the organics in the waste stream (ie. oils, greases, etc.).

turbidity-levelsQuestion: What will its’ clarity be?
Response: Before answering this question, the term clarity should be scientifically defined as Turbidity. Turbidity is the measure of relative clarity of a liquid and is an indicator of the amount of suspended sediment in the water. A widely used measuring system of Turbidity is Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU).

For example, when a grab sample is conducted from a traditional biological wash water treatment system, the water tends to be a “Tea” colored water that grab sample could be 250-450 NTU vs. a grab sample from the GSMS or HSMS System have a 20 – 50 NTU. The difference is the introduction of Clarifloc before entering the Inclined Plate Clarifier of the GSMS or HSMS unit that allows the non-organic suspended solids to drop out prior to entering the Biological Area of the System.

Question: How many gallons of wash water are being recycled?
Response: A key consideration for recycling wash water is the sustainability aspect. The GSMS and HSMS come standard with a Flow Accumulator Meter that digitally illustrates how many gallons have been recycled by the System. This can assist in Corporate Sustainability Reporting (CSR) or determine how many gallons of wash water is being used per day/week/month/year.

As you can see with the introduction of the ESD Waste2Water, Inc GSMS and HSMS Series Recycling Systems, the answers to these questions become have become “clearer”.

Now the only question that begs to be asked is, how can ESD Waste2Water, Inc help you?


ESD Waste2Water Inc.’s next generation Wash Water Treatment System is here.  A combined TWO-PHASE System that is designed to separate the solids in an Incline Plate Clarifier making it easy for the operators to remove the sludge all while the Biological Treatment System consumes the organics (oils, greases, fuel residue, etc.) converting it into carbon dioxide and water.  The incredible bi-product of this process is a clear “grey” water.

The ESD Waste2Water, Inc. Combo Unit is ideal for:

  • Turf Equipment
  • Golf Maintenance Facilities
  • Forklifts / Scissor Lifts
  • Heavy Mud Equipment (bulldozers, scrapers, dump trucks, front end loaders)
  • Equipment Washing
  • Rental Equipment
  • Solid Waste Haulers

Additional advantages for this remarkable breakthrough:

  • Small Equipment Footprint Size
  • Ease of Operation
  • Mud/Solids Handling
  • High Volume Water Cannon Option
  • Low Consumable Costs

The Combo Unit can easily be paired with an Above Ground Wash Pad System (Containment Island) for a portable closed loop system.  Consult with your local ESD Waste2Water, Inc. Regional Manager to learn more.

Don’t forget to ask about a Rental Option!

Earth Day is April 22nd, 2016.  At ESD Waste2Water, Inc., our philosophy has always been to manufacture innovative, sustainable Environmental Wash Water and Remediation Equipment to protect Earth’s natural resources.  It begins with awareness and can then lead to action – It’s as simple as fixing a leaking faucet or planting a tree.  The following link is a resource to locate a local organization to volunteer:   – do your part for Earth.

ESD Waste2Water, Inc., manufacturer of Wash Water and Environmental Remediation Equipment, now offers a standardized Mobile Air Sparge and Soil Vapor Extraction System for short term or long term Rental.  The standardized System provides a small portable footprint in an enclosed pre-wired / pre-plumbed dual axle trailer that meets the requirements of the majority of typical “Sparge and Vent” sites.  The 8’x12’ footprint allows it to be placed onsite where modular AS & SVE manifolds can be easily mounted to the side of the trailer upon arrival.  This streamlines the installation process saving time and money all while meeting OR exceeding FDEP requirements.  The system comes standard with the following features:

  • UL Listed and labeled control panel
  • Web based monitoring and alarm notifications

For more information about our air/soil sparge equipment please visit our web page Air Sparge/Soil Vapor Extraction Systems.

Contact the experts at ESD Waste2Water, Inc today to learn more about the newest addition to our rental fleet (terms and rental rates) or any other Remediation Product from our full line offering.


ESD Waste2Water, Inc continues to develop and improve the ultimate solutions for Above Ground Wash Pads. The new Containment Island Above Ground Wash Pad System can be configured to meet your wash rack system requirements. The durable copolymer material coupled with optional Marine Grade Aluminum Walls ensure corrosion and product longevity. The Containment Island comes in a High or Low Profile wash water treatment systems and can be tailored to meet your specific project needs.

The above ground wash pad is easily installed at any project site. All that is required is a level stabilized surface. If an impervious surface already exists, then the Containment Island can be placed on top of that surface and installed in minutes. In addition to the Containment Island, the ESD SMS (Solids Management System) or any of the ESD Waste2Water Biological Systems, a site can be transformed into a closed-loop wash pad with recycle system to make your site environmentally friendly. The Portable Containment Island is ideal for:

  • Golf Course Maintenance Facilities
  • Golf Cart Washing
  • Heavy Equipment Wash
  • Rental Yards
  • Car Wash Detail
  • Mobile Decontamination
  • Forklift Washing

Mobile Wash RackAll of our wash water treatment systems meet EPA regulations and have been developed to save you time, money and offer peace of mind. Contact ESD Waste2Water, Inc today and have one of our qualified staff offer a no obligation on site consultation.

ESD Waste2Water, Inc. manufactures a full array of Wash Water Treatment and Chemical Mix/Load Equipment to meet the Golf Industry best practices. Our Biological Wash Water Treatment System treats the waste water generated from washing off fairway mowers, green mowers, utility equipment, etc.

Here’s how it works:

The High Flow adjustable nozzles allow the operators to get into the tough to reach undercarriage and mower decks to properly clean the debris. The water and debris can then flow into a specially designed In-Ground Sump Pit with sump pump that lifts above ground through an ESD Waste2Water, Inc. Grass Clipping Separator System. The heavy debris (grass clippings, leaves, etc.) are filtered out and slide into an ESD Waste2Water, Inc. Clipping Separator for disposal at a later time. The remaining wash water and fine solids then travels into an Above Ground Solid Separator where additional settling can take place. The wash water then flows into the Biological Wash Water Treatment system where the system can biologically remove or neutralize the contaminants so the grey water is safe to recycle. Ask a qualified ESD Waste2Water Manager to assist in designing an Environmental Center including a chemical storage building to centrally locate all of the facility contaminates into a designated area for fuel, wash rack and chemical storage mix/load.

We are also excited to introduce the new Above Ground Pad at the Golf Industry Show.  Please stop by to see us at Booth #: 1511.

This excellent video asks some very good questions to consider:

Is your wash pad legal? Does your wash pad protect your property? Would your wash pad pass an environmental inspection?

Wash water for the golf industry contains a myriad of contaminants including oils, greases, hydraulics, gasoline, diesel, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

ESD Waste2Water, Inc is excited to announce the NEW Solids Management System (SMS) designed to handle solids above ground while recycling the wash water. The new wash pad design eliminates large in-ground sumps and drive-in pits saving on space and messy clean outs. The SMS is designed to process large amounts of sludge, mud and solid waste generated from washing in a closed loop recycling system. The waste is then placed into any easy to empty Solids Hopper. The SMS 700 & 800 are designed to greatly reduce operator maintenance for heavy wash applications so cleaning your equipment can be the main objective.

The Benefits of the ESD Waste2Water, Inc. SMS Package are too significant to ignore. But, here are just 5 of the benefits.

  • Solids handling. Instead of the messy process of cleaning in-ground sumps or having to remove soupy solids from a drive in pit, the sludge is above ground where it can be dumped into a frontend loader or skid steer bucket.
  • The Cost per gallon of water is impressive. Consider the idea of processing millions of gallons of water per year in a full close looped water recycling system. Your dollar will stretch with our environmentally friendly system.
  • Reduced infrastructure, the below ground impact is minimal and the ESD Waste2Water, Inc. SMS Package, eliminates the possibility of leaking sumps, which could potentially create an expensive environmental clean-up.
  • Our system produces high quality grey water.
  • A small Equipment Footprint. Because space is a commodity.

Closed Loop Recycling