ESD Waste2Water prepares to ship another fully integrated, environmental remediation system inside a 30’ Cargo Container to a major oil company’s site in Mexico.  This Dual Phase Product Recovery System is equipped with: Air Supply Compressor; (8) Point Air Supply Manifold; (8) Dual Phase Recovery Manifold; Recovery Pumps; Oil Water Separator, Transfer Tanks, 3 Liquid Phase Carbon Treatment Vessels.

ESD Waste2Water is a Worldwide Leader in designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing sustainable Wash-Water Treatment/Recycle Systems and Environmental Remediation Systems.  ESD offers a full line of skid, trailer and container mounted remediation systems for product recovery and treating soils, sediments, groundwater and surface water.  ESD’s innovative wash-water treatment, recycling, and re-use systems (0 point discharge), offer a variety of options and system designs for light, medium and heavy duty wash water and industrial process water treatment applications (Golf Courses, Marinas, Equipment Rental, Industrial/Manufacturing Plants, Fleet Management, Transportation, Parts Washing, etc.).  ESD can design a portable Above Ground Wash Pad or Permanent Concrete Slab to process heavy solid applications to recycle the wash water back to either a pressure washer and/or high volume pump system.  ESD is committed to fostering a Partnership for a Cleaner Tomorrow through Water Conservation and Waste Minimization.

Earth Day is April 22nd, 2016.  At ESD Waste2Water, Inc., our philosophy has always been to manufacture innovative, sustainable Environmental Wash Water and Remediation Equipment to protect Earth’s natural resources.  It begins with awareness and can then lead to action – It’s as simple as fixing a leaking faucet or planting a tree.  The following link is a resource to locate a local organization to volunteer:   – do your part for Earth.

ESD Waste2Water, Inc., manufacturer of Wash Water and Environmental Remediation Equipment, now offers a standardized Mobile Air Sparge and Soil Vapor Extraction System for short term or long term Rental.  The standardized System provides a small portable footprint in an enclosed pre-wired / pre-plumbed dual axle trailer that meets the requirements of the majority of typical “Sparge and Vent” sites.  The 8’x12’ footprint allows it to be placed onsite where modular AS & SVE manifolds can be easily mounted to the side of the trailer upon arrival.  This streamlines the installation process saving time and money all while meeting OR exceeding FDEP requirements.  The system comes standard with the following features:

  • UL Listed and labeled control panel
  • Web based monitoring and alarm notifications

For more information about our air/soil sparge equipment please visit our web page Air Sparge/Soil Vapor Extraction Systems.

Contact the experts at ESD Waste2Water, Inc today to learn more about the newest addition to our rental fleet (terms and rental rates) or any other Remediation Product from our full line offering.


ESD Waste2Water, Inc is proud to announce one of our newest products. The Subsurface Depressurization System uses a vacuum that pulls potentially harmful organic vapors from entering a building. Designed with a corrosion free enclosure, this system is built to last. Ask about the ESD Waste2Water, Inc solar option.

ESD has a wide array of products when it comes to Groundwater Remediation, Soil Vapor Extraction, Air and Bio Sparging. Please take some time to tour our remediation product line to find the right fit for your needs.